Handmade Furniture

Inspired by the old english tessellated look and wishing to create something new using this beautiful style, we bring you these stunning tessellated tables.

These tables are made using cast iron legs and a wrought iron frame which has been sand blasted and powder coated to protect them from rust and the elements. Also available are these cute coffee tables using old fashioned Singer sewing machines as legs – yes, the mechanism still works 🙂

These pieces are handmade in our workshop right here in Melbourne using only the finest materials. Quality, beauty and durability are front of mind through the entire process.

Being handmade furniture, these tables are made carefully and constructed to be sturdy and long lasting. They can also be customised – you get to choose which pattern and which colours you would like and we will make it to order!

These adorable hand made coffee tables are perfect for an outdoor porch or a little breakfast nook. This furniture has been designed and hand crafted right here in Melbourne with an old fashioned Victorian style in mind.

All items can be personalised and colour co-ordinated to match your décor and personal taste.

Made to order and made to your specifications, this handmade furniture from Victorian Mosaic Tiling is sure to impress your guests and to provide a great central meeting place for the family.

Because this furniture is handmade, you get to choose the design, the colours and the border. You can even specify the dimensions of the table top according to the space where it will eventually live.

Micah Corbett and his team at Victorian Mosaic Tiling are committed to quality and to customer service. Your experience with us from the first phone call to the delivery of your custom made tessellated table will be easy and enjoyable.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Handmade Tile Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

We’re all looking for something special, something unique. High quality handmade furniture in Melbourne is hard enough to find, but for something truly original you need look no further than our range of tessellated tables at Victorian Mosaic Tiling.

Made from high quality steel and porcelain tiles, these tables are made to last for generations and with a flawless finish they will be the talking piece of any dining area.

You can use one of our current designs or you are free to change the border, the pattern and the colours to really personalise your piece of handmade furniture from Melbourne based Company, Victorian Mosaic Tiling.

Tessellated Tables

Introducing the brand new product range from Victorian Mosaic Tiling.

These beautifully hand crafted dining room tables and coffee tables are made from Tasmanian Oak and are then finished with a completely original Tessellated Pattern of your choice.

Choose from an existing design, or contact Micah to arrange your custom made table.

You will be delighted with the solid feel and the cheerful design of your new Hand Crafted table from Victorian Mosaic Tiling.

All tile and grout has been triple sealed for your protection and can withstand any spill.