Attractive Look of Checker Body and Norwood Border

White with dark grey put a subtle new twist on an old favourite. The new tessellated porch breathed new life into this grand old home.

Exclusive Look of Checker Body and Norwood Border

Victorian styling with a modern black and white twist, the checker pattern with a Norwood border is sure to impress.

Attractive look of Checker Body and Strip Border

Plain but not boring. This checker pattern with a strip border is a classic beauty.

Checkerboard Body and Grand Norwood Border

We coined the phrase ‘Modern Victorian’ to describe the black and white colour scheme with the old Victorian tiling. Checkerboard with Grand Norwood.

Checkerboard Pattern, Norwood Border

Bold and beautiful, the bluestone path and steps lead up to a picture perfect Checkerboard pattern with a Norwood border.

Checkerboard + Bluestone

A strikingly contrasted checkerboard.

Checker pattern with black filler tile

A striking contrast!

Striking checker pattern

Fixing up to sell, our client played it safe with black and white. We ended up with this striking checker pattern with a Norwood border. First impressions being what they are, this was an excellent investment and really gave the property the “Wow Factor”!

Renovated Rental

This renovated rental was cost effective and classy with a Checker pattern and a Norwood border. The bluestone steps and path look a million bucks!