Amazing Look of Fitzroy Pattern and Norwood Border

A classic Fitzroy pattern with a Norwood border, the colours chosen by the client made this piece anything but ordinary. A beautiful outcome!

Amazing Look of Replica Pattern and Norwood Border

Heritage work of the highest order. This piece has been made to replicate the original. Taking a little over 170 hours to prepare the tiles and then install, it was a true test of skill.

Attractive look of Sally Pattern and Norwood Border

An original design by Micah and named after our charming clients dearly missed family dog, Sally. She lives on 🙂

Amazing Look of Replica Body and Norwood Border

A modified replica of the old tessellated work is a real show stopper. Passers by would often stop and look at what I was doing while installing this one. Thankyou, I’ll be here all week.

Amazing Look of Petersham Body and Norwood Border

Set out and beautifully centred, this Petersham pattern with a Norwood border was installed just before selling. A wise investment, giving this home a great first impression!

A Comprehensive Look of Petersham body and Norwood border

The bold colours used in this tessellated work turned this boring old concrete porch into a work of art. This is a small format Petersham pattern and a double strip Norwood border.

Attractive Look of Oxley Body and Alexandria Border

The interesting shape of this porch is accentuated by the meandering Alexandria border.

A Comprehensive Look of Bendigo Body and Balmain Border

This beautiful entrance was a replacement to replicate the old, broken one. Adding value to the property this Bendigo pattern with a Balmain border is a great example of tessellated tiling.

Exclusive Look of Oxley Body and Balmain Border

Replicating the original, an Oxley pattern with a Balmain border made this old workers cottage look young again.