Amazing Look of Replica Pattern and Norwood Border

Heritage work of the highest order. This piece has been made to replicate the original. Taking a little over 170 hours to prepare the tiles and then install, it was a true test of skill.

Amazing Look of Replica Body and Norwood Border

A modified replica of the old tessellated work is a real show stopper. Passers by would often stop and look at what I was doing while installing this one. Thankyou, I’ll be here all week.

Attractive Look of Replica Body and Norwood Border

Replicating an old design with new tiles can be challenging, but this one turned out very well indeed.

Replica Body and Alexandria Border

Restoring this beauty back to it’s former glory, making this century old entrance look new again.

Replica Pattern

Taking over 200 hours to complete, this work was done as a pre sale update and will certainly earn the owner a handsome profit.

Full Size Render

After more than 200 hours of work we are proud to present this absolute beauty. It is a replica of the original which unfortunately was the victim of tree root damage. Imagine coming home and being welcomed by this every day. You would need to throw away your doormat!